Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some pics

Someone broke into my car and stole the gps/dvd. But they can´t even use it since they left the gps discs and the gps brain.
Hope they get hiv.

I got pulled over by cops cause my registration sticker was out of date. Little did he know that I had all the permits to drive it to the DMV and to the smog place.
I got out of it, but he wasn´t too happy with me being swedish and having done all the right things.
Pretty sure it helped that we were two swedish guys driving my dirty Cadillac with a cardboard seat (glass all over the seat).

I love mexican food (the franchise kind), with extra coriander.

Leaving Hjalle´s place in LA.

In&Out Burger, not bad.

LA traffic.

At Big Bear.

Christian slashing

Scenic drive down from Big Bear to LA.

At a LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks game. Canucks lost 3-2, lame.
It´s pretty interesting to see a NHL game. It´s close to silent when there´s a good play. People do cheer a little when there´s a goal but the crowd goes absolutely nuts when there´s a fight. Meatheads.

LA in the mirror.

Got pulled over by cops again. He wasn´t too happy when all my papers were in order and his computer wasn´t.

Road trip set up, on my way to Vegas.

Bag explosion in Vegas.

Scenic drive from Nevada to Utah.

Wal Mart trucking center, somewhere in Utah.


My gear, hence why I drove and didn´t fly.

DC house. I spent some serious time here. Good to be back, even for a short while.

The park, sorta melting fast..

Breakfast spot.

Me and Jonas Carlson playing at the house.

House gates.

Jonas at the top of the park.

Me shreddin.

Talib concert in Park City.

Our parking break on one of the trucks wasn´t doin so hot, so we slid into a car at a parking lot.

Salt Lake City mountains.

Until next time / Pierre


Johannes said...

Ser att du har kommit över din HD avsky och skaffat en EX1... nöjd med kameran? Ska du börja filma super16 också?

Pierre Wikberg said...

Gillar inte HD video alls. Men det är ingen som betalar för Super 8 och 16mm i dessa tider / den här branschen.

Den är i alla fall mycket trevligare än Panasonics.

Swede Hurt said...


konrad said...

har du varit på Talib spelning! nu blev jag lite svartsjuk....

Pierre said...

Svartsjuk ang Talib spelning? Är det för att han är svart?

Jag såg inte så mycket.., kännde typ igen en låt.