Monday, March 02, 2009

In the Alps

So I´m filming in the Alps for a few days. We had four good days in a row, but today it was raining to 2200 meters..

There´s no internet in the Alps, why they think it´s weird to want to use wireless internet in 2009 is beyond me.

The hotels here are 500-1000 euros a night and they don´t have wireless internet... there are Bentley´s and other gnarly cars outside (the medium car here is a Audi Q7) but the people who visit here don´t seem to ever use credit cards or the internet.
It´s all cash and no internet here.. fuck.

There´s this one hotel that I convinced to sell me some internet time. 20 euros for 2 hours or 100mb of data. And the connection is beyond slow.
It took 1 hour and 20 min to send a 6mb email!

If this was 1995 I´d understand. But we had a 10mbit internet line in high school in the mid 90´s (that´s faster than normal internet hook ups in the US today) and I´m pretty sure I´ve surfed wireless since 2001.
Fuck, this is 2009!
How you can charge for a internet connection with performance from 1990 is like charging for water or electricity at a hotel.

Oh well. I´ll upload some pics when I get to the real world.

Kul liten konversation från en tjej som vill surra med chef red på Slitz:


roccet said...

hey, detta har inget me inlägget o göra hehe.. men sitter o kollar på Lame o väcker gamla goa minnen men kommer inte ihåg hur man kommer åt det gömda materialet.... har för me att d ligger i parkers part, men lyckas inte komma åt det..
jaja, om du har lust o ge me en hint om var d ligger så vore d tacksamt :)
stort CRED t dina filmer!

apple said...

oh come on, no internet in the alps ? not true! in those kind of spots for sure but there's internet everywhere else in the alps where room cost 50€/night