Thursday, March 05, 2009

Little clip from St Moritz

Me, Iikka, Devun and photographer Colin Adair went on a three day trip to St Moritz Switzerland in the middle of Dec 08.

Here´s a 6 min clip from that trip. Nothing fancy, just riding for fun (it was Devun´s and Colin´s first runs of the season).

Music by Rocca and The Odd Numbers

Here´s the clip:


Gavin Hope said...

Hey Pierre, do you ever prefer filming and editing stuff like that, rather than full on video parts with a lot of big riding? I kinda like watching the 'fun' stuff the most...

Pierre Wikberg said...

I like shooting good riders on terrain most people can relate to.
So yeah, this type of riding is my fav to document.

Not that progressive tricks and stuff isn´t cool, I just rather take someone like Devun Walsh who can master the backcountry stuff into a normal resort with some pow and see what he comes up with. It´s very cool to see.

Gavin Hope said...

Yep, it's spot on.

Matias said...

Shiiit, that video made me wanna go snowboarding so bad. Just like 15 years ago when I was kid.


PS. say hi to Ike, Jaakko and all the other Finska bögs.