Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You got to love american law officers


I don´t have words to describe this... well maybe I do.

I like when she changed the reason to kick the skater out at 4:35.

It´s fucking unbelievable.
Gregory Lonzie and Sgt Yolanda "supervisor of the evening shift" Spears from Milton´s finest are just to dumb for their own good.
I vote for them to lose their jobs (obviously) because you can´t harass the youth like this without facing the consequences.
Then they should pay a fine to the skater, say 2 monthly salaries each and apologize.
Sterilization sounds like a good punishment too, because we don´t need these people to raise kids.

Oh yeah, the city should apologize too for paying these people to be on the streets.

I would love if they arrested Tony Hawk or Shaun White for dropping in on a ramp at a skate park.

Then we have the classic Officer Riviera incident too.. I hope that toolbag got some real bad karma heading his way.


Anonymous said...

makes me angry. Stupid incompetent people should not hold jobs of authority. These people should not be able to exist in society.

Konrad said...

meh! seriöst....