Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Schlager Music

In Sweden people love schlager music. I guess most europeans actually dig it.

It used to plague me once or twice a year (swedish contest and european one), but now there are like 12 contest in Sweden only. Needless to say I´m quite out of the loop but found this german clip from one of their contests.

Obviously his actions were very inappropriate and hers weren´t. But the fact that it happened on german live tv in front of maybe 10 million viewers (I think it had to be more than that, 2 million swedes watch this crap and that´s out of a 9 million pop).


cb said...

ha! I actually saw that. It didn't get commented at all during the show, just ignored. Easy to miss if you didn't pay attention that second. But hey - how great we have YouTube right?

konrad said...

haha också ett sätt att slänga bort sin karriär på