Thursday, February 21, 2008

So I´m a year older...

This was the first (or possibly second) time I spent my birthday in Sweden since high school. Usually I´m out filming somewhere.

31... damn I´m old. Can´t believe I´m closer to 40 than 20...

Oh well.

Been procrastinating quite a bit lately. Lotsa things going around in my little brain.

I´m trying to finish these rally car clips for the DC site. Going slow, but I want to finish them asap so I can go back to the states. Just realized that I can´t stay here any longer, unfortunately.


Gavin Hope said...

Hey Pierre, it's a little bit random, but I figured you'd be a good person to ask... I want to buy video camera with a decent wide angle lens, or fisheye, for around £1500 (like, a little under $3000) - for filming snowboarding.

Can I even get a good lens and camera with that cash?

Happy b'day btw - 31 aint bad, still loads of miles on the clock!

konrad said...

Grattis! glömde bort at höra av mig tidigare, men här kommer i alla fall ett sent grattis! Snart 40 sweet :)