Sunday, January 27, 2008

Speeding ticket, snowboarding and rally clips

Went to Ume for a couple of days and on my way down there I got a speeding ticket. I was pretty bummed.
The cops were lurking on a small road, about 200 meters after a camera spot, and when I spotted them I was doing about 95 according to my speedometer. Since I was on a 90 road I thought I was fine for sure, but no.

According to them I was doing 103... I was like, are you sure? Please let me see the radar gun. They showed it to me and I couldn´t do much. I swear I wasn´t doing 103 especially since they are supposed to take off about 7km/h too.

$300 down the drain. Thanks.

I suggest taking the fucking raindeers off the roads and saving some lives instead of shooting your radar on a strech of road that has a camera every 10 km!

Watched "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. And boy was that movie bad. The first half was pretty sick. Then it got kind of lame and the last 30 minutes just plain sucked. What a waste of Hollywood money.. Worst ending of a movie that had a pretty good start to it.
The company was great though.

On Saturday I went to Kåbdalis to ride some pow with my friends Markus and Tobbe. It was great. I was riding like Bambi, but it was still a lot of fun. I got to eat a Semla too, very happy about that.
The weather was great and the snow too. The stoke factor went way up when the temp rose from -21 to -5 in the last few km.

This weekend was also X-Games week.

Very happy about my friends Andreas and Torstein from Norway who got gold in Slope Style and Big Air. It was Torsteins first X-Games and he did some sick tricks. There is some some controversy about Torstein beating Travis Rice in the semi finals. But I for one think the judges did a good job on giving it to Torstein in this case. Rice´s was sick, but not as sick.

Judging is tricky and I usually don´t agree with the judges too often, but at the end of the day it´s only snowboarding. We´re not curing cancer here or rigging a Florida election.

Swedish skier Jon Olsson also got a gold and a bronze at the X-Games.

Here are the rally car clips I´ve been working on. I finished 25% of the clips just hours before they had to be done, well actually I was already 24 hours late. It sucked. Had to make some last minute music changes. So unfortunatly they aren´t as good as they could have been.
We shoot this in Wanaka New Zealand in four days in mid September and the clip with the Primus song became the ending part in my last film; DC´s "Mtn Lab 1.5".

Click on the "BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO CLIPS" on the right hand side.

There are also a few Youtube links to that Primus section:

I´ll post a Youtube link to the X-Games stuff tomorrow. Need to try and sleep now.

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