Friday, January 04, 2008

Rudy´s new video. You gotta love this propaganda.

I´m speechless... seriously speechless.

Please, just look.

It´s an official Rudy Giuliani clip!

Actually I do have some words....

How can this be a legit clip from a presidential candidate? Really, how can it be?

How can someone put this together and think "Wow, we did a great job with this one. This is was America needs. We need to show that middle eastern people are perverted and their religion will cause terrorism in our country"...

It would be interesting to see what happened if a clip like this ever would ever surface in Sweden (will never happen, it´s illegal to upset people of a certain ethnicity here) or in Europe for that matter.

Freedom of speech is great isn´t it? Especially when someone like Rudy makes a piece like this.

At least Leni Riefenstahl had skills

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Lauren is a Bryant said...

yeah that clip is heinous. given all the corruption and chaos within the American walls, you'd think solving poverty/homicide/drug issues/domestic abuse would be of more importance in election campaigning. It's almost like he's poking fun of the US naivety. sad really.