Thursday, February 03, 2011

On a Ken Block Rally Mission

For the next week - 10 days I'm going to follow my old boss from DC Shoes, Ken Block, around Scandinavia.
He's now a very successful man behind the wheel. If you don't know what he's capable of I suggest you go to YouTube and search for his name.

I'll be uploading videos daily from this WRC event on his Facebook page, so befan him here:

Here's the video from our first day:

iPhone photos from today:

Sauna view.

Work out with Saydah, MONSTER Rally Team Manager.

View of the Central Station, Opera House and some water.

Icy walk path.

Robin Williams calls biathlons Norwegian drive by's.
Norwegians are very outdoorsy people.

Meeting some Scandinavian snow shredders and Oslo locals for the past days was a huge perk, I really like Oslo (except the homeless people and crack heads / hookers who loiter around the Central Station.

Stay tuned.

Here are some videos of Ken I made for a DC movie in 2007:

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