Sunday, March 03, 2013

Still in Australia

This past week I've had access to what Australians call internet at a 5 star hotel ($25 / day) and since that didn't work I bought a "4G" router for $150 to try and access the web. 
The first night I left it on (to charge) with no devices connected to to it and the next day it didn't work any more. Apparently here you use the internet regardless if you're using in or not, by the minute kind of.
So I called and asked what was going on. They said I had used up my 5 gb last night while it was charging. 
I said that was a really bad set up. Anyway I got my 5 gb back but then fell asleep with the router on, so now I've used 10gb in 48 hours and I haven't even used more than maybe 100mb.

Leaving Adelaide now. Currently at the airport trying to send emails. The wifi here is what you'd expect.

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