Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dinosaur Jr

I've always liked Dinosaur Jr. Pretty sure the first time I heard them was in an Alien Workshop video called Memory Screen in the late 80's and I've been hooked ever since. Or was it in Speed Freaks / Mike Vallely?

I was a huge fan of the crisp video footage blended with super 8 and other lo fi filming.

Mike Vallely's part from around the same time.

I sat for hours hitting record on MTV's 120 minutes to maybe capture a Dinosaur song. This was the first video I saw of them.

Since then they've been in closely connected to skateboarding. Just look at them skating / bmx:ing in this video.
My first cd I bought (1990) was Dinosaur Jr's Green Mind, as well as a Janes Addiction's Ritual De Lo Habitual.
I even used a song in a snowboard movie called Afterlame in 2004. 3:54 into this clip. Anyway, been listening to their new album a lot lately. Some songs sound very pop / Foo Fighter esq but others are closer to the Dino Jr I like. This song especially. Been thinking of what I can film that would fit it. It deserves a good visual presentation.

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