Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs

He was a true visionary and I'm not going to get too personal with this. Anyone who knows me and works in my field of filmmaking knows that he made a huge impact on my life.

Apple's and Google's homepage today.

I watched this a few years ago. You should too.

Old Apple commercial:

The guy who made this had an interesting day yesterday.

Here are some articles I've read and would like to share for those who care.

This guy wasn't a fan until.. you'll have to read the whole article:

Tributes from co-workers, presidents:

Short background on him and links to other things of interest:

Pixar related:


Rahul said...

With Steve Jobs ends the relentless driving force of Apple, perhaps. Tim may be the best replacement, but there will never be another Steve Jobs' again. Miss you, Steve!

Steve Smith said...

A blog for Steve Jobs for being the best of the best god given gift.

My Blog: Remembering Steve Jobs – The Man, The Entrepreneur, The Maverick

Steve | work uniforms

Otoz said...

A real genius. RIP Steve.

Anonymous said...
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