Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Here's what I've been up to.

Haven't been blogging here much, duh. But that might change, I think.
Anyways.., here's a clip I just did, about 2-3 more to come before x-mas.

About Talking Headz:
Spatziba goes under the skin of snowboarding personalities. 90% commentary, 10% action. First man out, Gigi Rüf. Presented with the help from Nike Snowboarding.

Two weeks ago, we went down to Austria to hang out with Gigi for a few days.
Me personally have always been a fan of Gigi so, when we had the opportunity to make this mini series called Talking Headz with Spatziba and dive into his archives, I jumped on it.
We cruised around his hometown Au, Bregenz (where he currently lives) and made a stopover in Innsbruck where Nike had organized a soccer tournament to launch his new boot (which has soccer influences).

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knut eliassen said...

sweet video dude, keep them coming...! I love it

Florent was looking fat at the end there.. haha