Monday, June 07, 2010

Torstein beats the other corkers to it.

I saw Torstein a few weeks ago and told him that it would be a good idea for him to call me in in a week or three to go shoot a triple cork at one of the resorts in Norway.
Then when I was on a train today our mutual friend Thomas Harstad texted me and said "go check out Torstein´s Facebook".
But since I have a beater phone (due to losing two iPhones in 7 days and not being able to crack any of the two I have left) I couldn´t check it on the subway.
I suspected it had something to do with the triple cork so I called Thomas... Torstein picked up.
I was like "so what´s on your Facebook?". He was vague and didn´t have a response so he passed the phone over to Thomas again.
Thomas refused to tell me what it was about and that pretty much confirmed that Torgmo had done a triple cork, without inviting me! Fucker. These little brats... think they can toy with the old filmer.

I´ll just invoice DC a $35k consulting fee and they don´t need to pay Tortein´s incentive when he wins gold at the X-Games next year. That is unless ESPN comes up with another genius idea like having the American viewers text in the results.

Good on you. I´m stoked you did it before anyone else. But count on a handful of peeps hucking one at the next X-Games.


A few hours later.. the Helgassons hear the news:

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johnny7 said...

it was filmed by Field Productions..a ski film company in Norway run by a talented young fellow. Does it make it count still brah?